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OPA549 Module Audio Power Amplifier 8A Current Driver Drive High Voltage Large

Lusya OPA549 Module Audio Power Amplifier Board 100W High-voltage 8A High-current

OPA549 Module Audio Power Amplifier Board 100W High-voltage 8A High-current

OPA549 Module Audio Power Amplifier Board Driver High-voltage High-current 8A

Lusya Audio Amplifier Board TDA7294 Mono Power Module 100W Supply DC48V / AC28V

LEORY POPA541 Module Power Amplifier Audio AMP 5A High Voltage Current PCB Board

JINSHENGDA Amplifier for TPA3116D2 Subwoofer Digital Power 100W AMP Board Audio Module

LJM Audio Assembled Clone Musical Fidelity X-A50 Mono Power Amplifier Board HiFi Amp Module

DC 12V TDA7850 4x50W Car Audio Power Amplifier Board Module BA3121 Denoiser Auto Upgrade DIY 4-channel

5 PCS/LOT Amplifier Module TPA3116 Speaker Power Board DC 12V 24V 2.0 Dual-Channel 50W Audio

Breeze Audio LYTAS561 150W + 150w power amplifier use Bluetooth 4.0 TAS5613 Class D Amplifier Internal DC 12v boost module

TONLEN 2.1 TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amplifier Board 24V 80W*2+100W High Audio Module DIY HIFI Home Theater Amp

TDA7850 Car 4.0 Channel Power Amplifier Board 50W*4 DC12V High Audio Module DIY HIFI Amp Stereo System

TDA7492 Wireless BT Power Amplifier Board 4.0 50W+50W 2-channel Audio Receiver Stereo Digital Module

Power Supply Module DC 9~16V to -/+ 22V~35V or 15V Adjustable Regulator/Adapter Push-pull Amplifier Audio DIY

5 PCS/LOT 150W Subwoofer Amplifier Board DC 12V 24V Audio TPA3116D2 High Power Pure Bass Car Module

Audio Amplifier DC 12V 24V Subwoofer Board TPA3116D2 150W High Power Pure Bass Car Module

STK401 Subwoofer Digital Power Amplifier Board Audio Stereo Amp Module 140W

CSR8645 4 Low Power Bluetooth audio module APTX lossless compression speaker amplifier welding adapter board

OPA541 Audio HiFi AMP Module Power Amplifier Board High-voltage High-current 5A

SMSL A8 XMOS Solution and ICEpower 125Wx2 Module HIFI Audio Digital Power Amplifier DAC

TONLEN 12 V 200 W Subwoofer Power Amplifier Board Professional 1941-5198 Heavy Bass Module HIFI Audio Tube AMP

TDA7498E 160W*2 High Output Power Digital Amplifier Board Dual Channel Audio Stereo Support BTL Mode Module

TONLEN TDA8954TH Digital Audio Amplifier Board High Power Dual-core AD Class Module 420W*2 2.0 DIY Amplifiers kit

TONLEN Mono Digital Amplifier Board Subwoofer / Full Range Audio Module 150W DC12-24V 1.0 DIY Stereo Power Amplifiers

LEORY XH-M252 Ultra High Power Digital Bluetooth Amplifier Board Module Audio 420W*2 TDA8954TH Dual Chip

Audio Amplifier Diy Kit TDA2030A TDA2030 Amplificador Board AMP Single Power Supply Module Electronics 6-12V

TDA7297B Digital Amplifier 15W+15W Dual-Channel Audio Control Module+3 inch 4Ohm15W Full Range Speaker+DC12V Power adapter

TPA3118 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver Digital Power Amplifier 2x30W Board Module AUX Input Speakers DC 12V 24V

300W + DC 48V 3900UF/100V*2 Class D TPA3255 MINI HIFI AUDIO Digital audio Amplifier Board Digit Power AMP Circuit Module

DC 12V VU Meter Driver Board DB Audio Power Amplifier Level Drive Module Backlight Supply input 400Hz 52mm x 63mm

FX-Audio D302PRO amplifier audio hifi mini 2.1 power amplificador

FX-AUDIO XL-2.1BL bluetooth amplifier hi fi 2.1 audio power amplificador

FX Audio 1002A audio amplifier hifi 2.1 power amplificador

0-120MHZ Power Amplifier Module Signal Source Amplifying High Speed RF

Breeze audio 30W*2 lm1875 power amplifier with Bluetooth input home

FX-AUDIO 502E amplifier audio hi fi 2.1 power amplifiers amplificador

Topping TP10 audio amplifier 2.1 hifi power preamp class d volume control amplificador

SMSL AD13 hifi digital player amplifier audio TAS5766M sound bluetooth power preamp amplifiers